4th November 2022

Pilgrim Baggage Handling Services

DARUSSALAM HOLDINGS SENDIRIAN BERHAD (DHSB), A government linked company and a subsidiary of Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei (TAIB) was established to cater Hajj and Umrah operation as a national pilgrimage Hajj agent.

Darussalam Holdings have received the following recognitions

  • New Millennium Award 2011 from 36th International Award for Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry in Madrid, Spain.

  • Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award from Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2010 Brunei for YM Haji Mahmud bin Haji Mohamed, the Managing Director of DHSB.

Core activity

The task was to collect baggage of 900 pilgrims from 2 different hotels in Madinah and 3 different hotels in Makkah, re-pack to make the shipment air worthy and then airlift to Brunei. The collection was to be made from all hotels within 10 days’ time. The total shipment volume is 33 tons.

The benchmark was to deliver the shipment to consignee door within 7 days meeting all milestones.

Key activities

Seek permission from traffic control for collection time slots Collect shipments from each hotel

Re-pack the shipment if required

Transport shipment to JEDDAH WH for labeling and segregation Airlift the shipment via Jeddah Airport

same time as the hotel do not allow to store the shipments in their premises

  • Last minute cancellation of service from carrier due to technical issue. The service was called off for almost 2

  • We faced congestion at transit port from alternative carrier as they had huge movements to Brunei due to Royal wedding during this period.


✓ All shipments delivered without any claims

✓ Customer was happy with our professional handling


We believe in ourselves and put in all our effort to make a project success. 24/7 at your service – is a policy that we follow, and we have proved it.


Access to the sites can be done only upon prior approval from Traffic Departments. Getting approvals is a time- consuming work

Work cannot be carried out entire day due to congestions in these cities. Trucks and cars are not allowed to operate except for only 4 hours in a day