1st November 2022

Rabigh Jeddah Makkah Water Project - Crawler crane

MNG was founded in 1976 which employs more than 20,000 people in various sectors including construction, contracting, energy, air transportation, tourism and finance.

The Group’s construction projects volume reached USD 8.30 billion in Africa & Middle East Core activity

The shipment arrived in break bulk vessel at Jeddah Port. We customs cleared and transport 4 crawler crane and its parts which weighed almost 450 tons. The shipment was delivered to Rabigh Site project which is 150 KMS away from Jeddah Islamic Port. The shipment was transported using 18 flat fed trailers and 8 low bed trailers. The weight of a single main unit was 135 ton.

Key activities

  • Conduct survey

  • Arrange all necessary formalities for import


  • Transportation of shipment

  • Offloading the shipment with utmost care


  • Offload the shipment in a very limited space

  • Offloading done at night

  • Time critical shipment

  • Entire project need to be executed within 2 working days


✓ Quick shipment handling

✓ No delays irrespective of the time or holiday season


We believe in ourselves and put in all our effort to make a project success. 24/7 at your service – is a policy that we follow and we have proved it.