31st October 2022

Case Study: ROB Lake Show in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Event Logistics is one of the key areas of our expertise. Challenging ourselves have been our passion. THE GRAND ILLUSIONS OF ROB LAKE was held in Riyadh from 4th June to 8th June.

We were notified about this shipment 20th May during the Ramadan month in Saudi Arabia. As traditionally thought to believe in Ramadan works are not done on time and delays are expected, however not this time. We received confirmation to proceed on 23rd May. Within 1 day we were able to secure Temporary import permission from customs. The shipment (approx. 9 tons / 48 pieces) arrived from DALLAS airport to Riyadh Airport on 30th May. We finished the temporary import clearance the next day thought it was Friday, weekend in Saudi Arabia and delivered on the same day. The shipment was re-exported back to JFK after the event was completed. There were no delays in customs clearance in import or export thought it was Month Of Ramadan.

Key activities

  • Customs clearance

  • Delivery to site

  • Offloading

  • Re-export back to origin

  • Storage


  • Tight

  • Weekend

  • Temporary import


  • Time critical nature